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"Being a designer is liberating" this is how Giuseppe Manente defines his profession. Using your talent to create something that didn't exist before, often gives you the possibility of living Indescribable emotions. As a profession, it is strongly linked to the most normal experiences in the life of an individual- any moment of the day may offer inspiration. Design means artistic expression which extends beyond the limits set by habit, schedules and deadlines.
Studio Kairos was founded in 1980 by Giuseppe Manente and Adamo Mion. The Greek word 'Kairos' means right time, right place and right size. In ancient Greece it was the word used to express the way of carrying out planing a job for instance, the right point for creating the home, as well as waiting for the best time to start construction, Today studio Kairos propose itself as point of reference for this important and balanced combination of time and place which results also in the creation of its furniture line Life.
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