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Born in Bologna in 1956, Giovanni Baccolini is a well-known designer thanks to a challenge that he took up for himself.
Having achieved the school-leaving certificate as industrial technician, Giovanni Baccolini began his activity as a designer in the sector of Cycle and Motorcycle. Afterwards he started working as technical supplier of polyurethane manufactured articles with several companies of the home, office and contract furniture field: Molteni, Rolf Benz, Castelli, Poltrona Frau, Knoll International, Olivetti Synthesis. Thus Giovanni Baccolini touched several realities also regarding project activities and had the way, after a working-experience of 20 years, to get a broad store of knowledge on art-design. Since then he felt the will to reopen the whole question about his job in order to comply with his unforgotten artistic vein and therefore he decided to quit an important role that made him well-known in the industrial world; the idea was indeed to run the risk of opening, in 1992, his own practice called “Studio Omega, as a designer.
Therefore Giovanni Baccolini had to face up the problem to propose himself again and to overcome that mental and practical obstacle by which people could think he wasn’t able to manage another job different from industrial technician. As himself likes to underline, it has been a great risk, perhaps a sin of self-importance, but the fact is that he has played the game to become a designer and he has achieved him.

Through the activity of special projects and that of product engineering, Giovanni Baccolini today cooperates with numerous important companies among which there are Olivetti Synthesis, Rolf Benz, Com, Sedoff, Diwar, Maletti, Cir Anthos, Ciclolinea, Sesta, Kohl, Lamm, Compir, Ares Line, Arper, Pietranera, Donati and recently he is also dealing with “Pininfarina Studio”. The reason of the success of Giovanni Baccolini is due, without any doubt, to the will of following his ambitions, and to the condition that he could develop enough experience on the matter of design. Giovanni Baccolini is indeed a trustworthy designer because he is able to create not only a product of high quality, but also a service from A to Z that offers all the right answers to the needs both of the final user and of the companies, and that satisfies tastes and trends of the modern world.
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