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CDN history has grown together with the Actiu ones. We have had the privilege of enjoying our work and having the opportunity to build a relationship and define new professional and business horizons. During these 10 years with Actiu, we have felt the adventure of business in where innovation and standing out from the crowd have been our own brand.
Antoni Flores and Alvaro Quintanilla, are the founders of Flores & Associats. We started collaborating with Creaciones Berbegal in 1993 with Logical program. We did some other projects in the following years and nowadays we feel what Actiu brand means.
In the present, Flores & Associats is called CN(Competitive Network), company with different brands such as CDN and LOOP. CN has consolidated itself as a reference point in innovation, in the Design and Product development areas(CDN) and in the creation of new market models and new categories of product and services(Loop).
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